Humari Dawai began with a combined vision of a team of doctor and entrepreneurs - to become a one-stop shop of all pharmacy and healthcare needs. We wanted to make pharmacy easily accessible and affordable while also providing other healthcare services to all those in need. Together with this  concept of Humari Dawai, we  aspire to be industry leaders and develop a reputation of candour and integrity.


Humari Dawai is an online marketplace focusing on healthcare and wellness started in 2020 when the country was reeling under the pressure of the COVID19 pandemic. The pandemic saw the demand for pharmaceutical and healthcare products experience a steep surge while the supply was becoming more and more strained. We witnessed the consequences of patients not being able to get the required medications and thereby leading to perilous results. Being a part of a 110 years old pharmaceutical arcade, we saw the need to design a platform for efficient, authentic and reliable way of provide medication and health care services for one and all.


Humari Dawai offers three things above all else - convenience, trust and efficiency.